BMF – the Baptismal Mission Forum – was published for four years, 2011-2015, featuring articles relating our baptismal missions to various aspects of daily life. We give thanks for the guiding hand of BMF’s editor, the Rev. Dr. Peyton G. Craighill (1929-2019).

Click on the links below to access editions of the Baptismal Mission Forum.


One thought on “BMF

  1. I have received each issue of the Baptismal Mission Forum and read them with interest. I am glad to hear of your website and of the expansion of your presence on the web. The Summer 2015 issue of the BMF arrived as I am helping to plan the August 2015 mid-year meeting of coordinators of the Living Stones Partnership as well as our annual meeting February 20 (Sat) to 23 (Tues) in Vancouver, BC, Canada. We see a lot of changes in The Episcopal Church and the Anglican Communion as recognition of the importance of the baptismal call to ministry increases throughout the Church. Increasingly I see church profiles speaking of empowering the laity and the baptismal call of all ministers within the Church. All of these things are evolutionary, and you are part of that evolution and increasing awareness. With that in mind, I invite each of the authors and your readership to consider attending the 2016 February 20-23 Annual Meeting of the Living Stones Partnership. We expect (hope?) we will have a greater presence by our Anglican Church of Canada adjudicatories in addition to the three member adjudicatories from Canada. We hope to see a greater presence as well from our more western neighbors and friends as this location is much more convenient to them. We welcome individual and adjudicatory visitors to our meeting, whether as simply visitors or inquirers about future membership. For more information about the Living Stones Partnership, see, our facebook page, or contact me or or one of the other members of the leadership team or even a coordinator or bishop involved with the partnership. We welcome your involvement and input!


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