What do you know about your baptism?

by Herb Donovan

When was it?  Where?  Who took part? I understand my baptism as the response of my parents and other loved ones to God’s action already taken for me by God naming me as His child.

My baptism took place in September 1931 at the Rocks Chapel near Eutawville, SC. I was about six weeks old.  My father, an Episcopal priest, officiated.  My parents had been married in the same chapel over a year earlier.  I understand that about a dozen family members were present.  I have seen a picture taken on the occasion, of me in a dress, held in the arms of Mother’s older sister, my Godmother.  I remember visiting the chapel as a boy, shortly before it was destroyed in preparation for a lake coming into the area as part of a redevelopment project.

These facts about my baptism are important to me because they are the place, time, and persons involved in my beginning as a child of God.  I am ever grateful that my parents, godparents, and other caring persons over the years have helped me try to grow into the person that God continues to call me to be, and that He continues to call me to reach out to others in His name.

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