Your move

12800154_10207704687208295_4568046868047057557_nThis is the very essence of living our baptismal covenant — understanding that our job, as Christ’s ambassadors, is to add to the love and justice acting in the world. We do that by acting with love and justice wherever we find ourselves.

Too often we go to church and hear about the need for greater compassion in the world. And then when we leave, we forget about the opportunities waiting for us – at home, in our workplace, in our community, in our everyday lives. Opportunities to respond to someone’s unkind word with compassion. To stand with the bullied person, out of compassion. To listen, with compassion, instead of speaking. To take action against injustice, allowing compassion rather than anger to shape our response.

Being a compassionate presence is hard work, requiring both faith and courage. We need the support of a faith community, serving as our partners as we grow into “the fullness of God.” Ultimately, it’s up to us, to take the lessons we practice inside our faith community and put them to work wherever we find ourselves. Beyond attending church, we are called to be the church.

Will the world be a more or less kind, compassionate, and loving place because of your presence? Your move.

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