I’m Goin’ Fishing

by Fletcher Lowe

Peter-FishingIn John’s Gospel (21:1-14) there is a rather mundane, but, when we dig a little deeper, a quite profound Christian truth. After Jesus’ death and resurrection, some of the disciples are at the Sea of Galilee, and one of them, Peter, says, “I’m goin’ fishing.” As I said, it’s not very erudite, but it is profound: “I’m goin’ fishing.” He didn’t mean it in the same way that folks around a lake might suggest. They’re going fishing as a sport, as recreation, as a leisure activity. But for Peter, as you remember, it was his job, his work, his business; he was a fisherman by trade. So off he goes — to work. After a frustrating night of catching nothing, Jesus joins him and things change.

This is one of the times that Jesus appeared to his disciples after the resurrection. Remember two others? One was with those two discouraged disciples traveling on the road from Jerusalem to Emmaus. Jesus meets them along the way, and things change. The third was in a room where several of the disciples had been meeting, anxious and fearful about their future. Again, Jesus comes into their midst with the words, “Peace be with you.” And things changed.

It’s just like Jesus to be with people on their job, while they’re traveling, or when they’re meeting — in short, in the midst of the activities of their daily lives. That may seem all too obvious to you, but we don’t always make that connection between Christ and our daily lives. More often than not, there’s a gap, a gulf. So, for you, reader, what is the connection between Sunday and Monday, between your faith and your daily life?

We have those post resurrection appearances: Peter at work, two disciples traveling, several disciples meeting; examples for us of where Christ meets us in whatever occupies our daily life and work. And that is where each of us is called — to discover in our daily lives our particular calling and ministry. For that is where Sunday connects with Monday and where liturgy comes to life.

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