Look for love and justice

by Wayne Schwab

Love and justice are the reliable and constant guides to discern and to find God at work in our own life and in the world around us. Wherever we meet love and justice, we are meeting God at work among us. Wherever love and justice are missing, God is at work somewhere to bring them. If we do not see where God is at work now, we will see it in time. God never fails to be present and active somewhere.

Wherever you find love and justice, God is present and at work. Wherever the two are weak or absent, God is already there working to restore them. Love and justice have guided the biblical writers from the first. They are our guides to find God at work and they guide us to find God at work in today’s world. Both testaments abound in love and justice.

God’s love guides the Israelites in their escape from Pharoah (Exodus 15:13) and Hosea hears God say his love cannot give up on a rebellious people (Hosea 11:8). Matthew, Mark, and Luke record Jesus’ teaching that loving God and loving your neighbor as yourself are the foundation of the law and the prophets (Matthew 22:37-40, Mark 12:29-31, Luke 10:27-28, 8-34). Enemies are to be loved as well (Matthew 5:44).

Micah’s call to “do justice” (Micah 6:8) and Isaiah’s picture of a just society (Isaiah 65:20-23) proclaim God’s justice. In Isaiah’s vision of a just world children do not die, old people live in dignity, people live in the houses they build, and farmers eat what they plant. Jesus challenged the injustice of Jewish laws that called for the faithful to avoid eating with tax collectors and sinners. Tax collectors served the Roman emperor and sinners were any who did not abide by the over 700 religious and ceremonial laws. Matthew sees Jesus as fulfilling Isaiah’s prophecy of one who “brings justice to victory” (Matthew 12:20). Finally, Jesus’ resurrection overcomes the injustice of his crucifixion (Acts 2:23-24 and Romans 1:4). We, too, are raised with him to new life. (Ephesians 2:4-6).

Whenever you’re searching for God, look for love and justice to find where God is at work, today or any day.

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