What’s your superpower?

by Demi Prentiss

Recently Michael Piazza offered a “Liberating Word” post on “Discovering Your Superpower.” He shared this powerful thought: “…the first step to becoming a superhero is to believe you are gifted, that you are uniquely empowered by the spirit. Missing or neglecting that gift will diminish your life, weaken the Body of Christ, and leave the world a dimmer and more divided place.”

Too often laity – who comprise 99 percent of the church, consistently across denominations – assume that our superpowers are the abilities that will enable us to “make it,” or “get rich,” or “become famous.” Truly, gifts of the Spirit may have that effect on our lives. More importantly, Piazza specifies that whenever our superpowers show up, it’s because we are “uniquely empowered by the Spirit [capital “S” mine].” While those gifts may not make us rich and famous, they definitely make our lives worth living. And they are put to work in big and small ways, most effectively in the actions of our ordinary, everyday lives.

Gifts / superpowers are typically those attributes that are so deeply rooted in our identity that we’re almost unaware of them, or where they came from. They’re just “how we are,” without thinking about it. They usually don’t get us recognized as “superheroes.” And because each of us is a precious, unique, beloved Child of God, our superpowers assume a unique shape or manifestation – just because we are who we are. It’s essential – and definitely not egotistical – that we offer them. That offering is not only the expression of our whole self – it also makes the Body of Christ more whole, more brilliant, and more unified.

Where the laity are empowered to “be all that you can be,” God’s reign is more fully realized. Where those superpowers are unleashed, the people of God experience and offer more love, and the world becomes more whole. The effect is transformative, of people and situations, and often practically unnoticed.

For Piazza, there’s a sure way to understand what your superpower is. “If you really want to know what your superpower is, honestly answer this question: ‘For what do you want to be remembered?’ In other words, what do you want your unique legacy to be?”

What daily life superpower will you be remembered for?

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