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Those of you who are faithful readers of this blog, and those of you who have recently discovered us – you’re all invited to help support the work of Partners for Baptismal Living (PBL). We are asking for financial contributions to continue the work of PBL between now and the next Episcopal General Convention to be held in Louisville, KY, June 23-28, 2024. 

PBL partners with faithful Episcopalians to support and expand the ministry of all the baptized, as you’ll read in the letter below and in this Episcopal News Service article. Independently and as a participant in The Consultation, PBL supports living our faith in every aspect of our daily lives.

Please consider making a donation today, as a beginning of your Lenten journey toward Easter. Click on the “give” button here or follow the directions in the letter below to mail your check. We are grateful for your support. 

Dear friend,

I am writing you today on behalf of Partners for Baptismal Living (formerly Episcopalians on Baptismal Mission and creators of the LivingGod’ blog). We are a group which continually seeks ways to remind us Christians that we are all called to serve with Jesus because we have been baptized into the Body of Christ. Each of us is empowered by baptism to proclaim and live out God’s Beloved Community in our daily lives, here and now. We also recognize that it is easy to lose sight of this mission because of life’s many demands and distractions.  We are writing to you because we know you care deeply about the calling of all the baptized, 99% of whom are of the lay order.

PBL is a small group with church-wide impact. Our work leading up to the 2018 General Convention, and on the ground during the convention, created and passed Resolution C005. That resolution formed a task force that has worked to see baptismal ministry intentionally implemented throughout the church. A member of PBL served on the task force, which promoted passage of Resolution A037, “Establishing a New Standing Commission on Formation and Ministry Development,” during the recent 80th General Convention in Baltimore. The new standing commission, which met for the first time November 14-17, will focus on affirming, developing, and upholding the ministry of all the baptized.

PBL has no paid staff. We have no building or equipment to maintain. And because of the pandemic, over the past two years we have reduced many of our expenses by attending meetings virtually. We do, however, incur some expenses, which fall into two main categories:

  • Participation in the work of The Consultation, a collaboration of organizations in the Episcopal Church. Partnership with this group multiplies our impact.  —  $5,700 per triennium
  • Attendance and participation at General Convention, assuring that PBL’s voice and presence are known in the larger church.  — $6,300 per triennium

For each of the next two years, we have set a target of $6,000 to reach our $12,000 triennial goal.

We are asking YOU to help continue this transformational work and build on our continuing successes. Every gift makes a difference. If you’d like to sponsor a specific expense (brochures and stickers for General Convention, Consultation dues, etc.), we’d be happy to offer “sponsorship opportunities” tailored to your interests. And, because we are a 501(c)(3), we are happy to provide a tax statement for your contributions.

You can support PBL monetarily by

  • making an online donation at PBL’s blog site  OR
  • mailing a check/money order made payable to Partners for Baptismal Living to:

            Partners for Baptismal Living

            c/o Pamela Tinsley, Treasurer

            4810 N. 28th St.

            Tacoma, WA 98407

Thank you for your generous support.

Demi Prentiss
PBL Co-Convener
P.S.  Your tax-deductible contribution to PBL’s work means more people will be on mission every day, wherever their daily life takes them. Your support makes a difference!

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