Wondering . . .

by Brandon BeckI Wonder book cover-Beck blog

Glenys Nellist says, “The Bible truly is a ‘wonder-full’ book.”[1]

The mission of Godly Play says, “Godly Play: Making meaning through story, wonder, and play. Nurturing spiritual lives by honoring the centrality, competency, and capacity of children.”[2]

Paul Simon says, “These are the days of miracle and wonder.”[3]

The Gospel of Thomas, Logion 2, says,

If you are searching, you must not stop until you find.
When you find, however, you will become troubled.
Your confusion will give way to wonder.
In wonder you will reign over all things.
Your sovereignty will be your rest.[4]

Glenys Nellist’s saying is the beginning of her “Note from the Author” in her 2021 Zonderkidz I Wonder: Exploring God’s Grand Story (An Illustrated Bible). This beautiful Bible is illustrated by Alessandra Fusi.

During Lent, I prefer to take on a practice rather than to fast from something – to take on deeper prayer, deeper wonder, and to reflect on the Way of Jesus, especially on the days he spent facing his own temptations in the desert and on the wonders I can wonder about the triduum.

Nellist says,

And high on a hillside, on the cross, Jesus said goodbye.
Goodbye, world,
  Goodbye trees,
Goodbye sunsets,
  Goodbye seas.
Goodbye friends,
  Goodbye Mom
Goodbye world.
  And everyone.
“It’s all finished,” whispered Jesus. And he closed his eyes and died.
Except – Jesus wasn’t finished.
And neither was God…

Then Nellist wonders

…why the sun stopped shining.
…how God felt when Jesus died.
…how Jesus’ friend Mary felt when Jesus died.

Spending time in contemplation with Nellist and Fusi, Godly Play, Paul Simon, The Gospel of Thomas – spending time in wonder – this is my Lenten practice.

What is yours?

#          #          #

[1] Nellist, Glenys. I Wonder: Exploring God’s Grand Story. Illustrated by Alessandra Fusi, Grand Rapids, MI, United States of America, Zonderkidz, 2021.

[2] Godly Play Foundation, http://www.godlyplayfoundation.org. Accessed 25 Feb. 2023.

[3] Simon, Paul. “Boy in the Bubble.” Graceland, Warner Bros, 1986.

[4] Bourgeault, Cynthia, et al. The Luminous Gospels: Thomas, Mary Magdalene, and Philip. Telephone, Texas, United States of America, Praxis, 2008.


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