Coaching the Baptized

by Demi Prentiss

One of the key tools of good coaching is the ability to ask powerful questions—questions designed to open the door to fresh perspectives and new insights.

What happens to your understanding of ministry when you answer the following questions? How does that understanding shape your identity as a Christ-follower?

  • What is God up to in your environment? (That could include home, neighborhood, social circle, town, school district, county, state, nation, world, even your church)
  • What about that thing that God is “up to” stirs your passion and your desire to engage?
  • What can you offer—of yourself, your gifts, your resources—to partner in that work that you perceive God is doing, to increase love and justice in the world?
  • How can you help others—especially your faith community—partner with you as you answer that call?