What is salvation?

by Wayne Schwab

“Salvation” and being “saved from sin” are familiar words in the church and, often, in the media.

How can we talk about them afresh in today’s world?

There is a fresh and biblical way to understand them.

We have a problem.  So often we fall short of being loving and just.  We even do the opposite at times.

While we are strong in so many ways, we are also weak in so many ways and need help–we need more strength than we have in us.

We need strength or power to back up our limited strength or power to be loving and just.

“Receive the Holy Spirit,” says Jesus.  He shares his strength, his power, the Holy Spirit, with us!

With the Spirit’s power backing up our power we can begin to be more loving and just.

We are saved from our weakness.  Thanks be to God!